Sunday, June 3, 2012

Local Church Coffee Hour for New Baby

Today, we are blessed to experience a celebration of our baby-to-be at our local church.  After the service, they host the Coffee Hour in our honor, complete with a cute baby cake, chocolates in blue gift boxes, and a sweet message for each guest.  The baby receives an adorable hand-knitted blanket and piggy bank, which match perfectly in his room.  And D receives a toddler bible book and Finn McMissle car (he doesn't want to watch the movie, Cars2, but he knows the character and is very excited!).  Even Mike and I receive a parenting book and a lovely arrangement of flowers.  The church family sings "Happy Birth Week" to the baby, and D has the time of his life getting to eat a whole piece of cake (and I even left the icing I scraped off on his plate, so undoubtedly, he got to eat that!). 

We truly appreciate the church's love and support for us!

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grandma berta said...

How sweet! It's nice to be celebrated!