Saturday, February 26, 2011

15 Weeks Pregnant: Belly Shot

It's Christmas time at 15 weeks pregnant, and I definitely feel my pregnancy belly.  People notice it too.  At Thanksgiving, one of Mike's aunts touches my belly and comments on how I am starting to show.  And it's true.  Much sooner than last time, and I guess this means, I can enjoy the perks of people knowing I'm pregnant sooner than last time!

Mike takes the week off for Christmas, and we visit my parents', my brothers and their families.  The baby is just in the womb, but already, he's seen Santa arrive at the Fair Haven Bandstand, Christmas Eve Night, parading in on a firetruck, as all Santas do.

Christmas morning, we receive the first gift for our new little bundle of joy--a cute sleep sack my mom made.  The baby's first gift.  Merry Christmas!