Monday, March 23, 2009

Local Church Shower

On Monday, I am blessed to have the local church in Harrison throw me and another pregnant parishioner a joint baby shower. Mike and I have been attending the church on and off for a few years and have found the community to be warm and friendly.

We have a potluck dinner, play a Scramble-Baby-Word game, mingle and have a yummy cake. One woman makes beautiful flower arrangements for each of us (I have a "boy" arrangement and the other woman, who is having a girl, has a pink "girl" arrangement). I am touched they offer this shower for me, and it is a wonderful opportunity to meet many of the ladies of the church.

Thank you to Liza and Carolyn and everyone else who attended and has made us feel a part of the community!


Mike said...

Everyone at the church is so incredibly nice; we're really fortunate.

Carolyn said...

You are two (actually three!) precious people who are a gift to us at the Harrison church! We love it whenever you can make it...thanks for letting us share this special time of expectancy with you!