Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bouteneff Family Baby Shower

On Saturday (March 21), Mike's mother, and two of our awesome cousins throw us a wonderful family shower! We are greeted at the door by his mom who gives us a soccer ball to kick the fete off (yes, Mike has already figured out our son's soccer schedule), and we have a great time.

Pregnancy vibes abound, as two of his other cousins are also pregnant, and three cousins have toddlers, adding great energy to the mix (the pregnant gang is to the right--the others are 12 and 16 weeks).

Mike grew up with many extended cousins within only a few years of his age, making large family events fun social times. We are excited that the next generation is keeping the tradition going by procreating within a few year time-span as well!

At the shower, we play a fun game of "Nursery Rhyme Pictionary" (complete with large white flip board and colored markers), have delicious food, and a cute soccer ball cake for BBB (my mom keeps up the soccer theme, unknowingly, by making and sending along cute soccer overalls).

It is great to feel the love from the Bouteneff-related family, and we are blessed to have caring relatives so close to us! Thanks to all for your pictures, generosity, and love!

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Mike said...

Nursery rhyme pictionary was a blast. Huge thanks to Anna and Natalia for putting it together. And a big, personal thanks to all those that gave soccer- and guitar- related gifts. They were much appreciated. ;) (Our son will, of course, be free to choose his activities and addition to soccer and guitar playing.)