Monday, February 2, 2009

Wonderful Ladies' Luncheon

Mike and I make our last pre-baby visit to upstate NY to see my family and visit his college roommates who have assembled for the Superbowl. Of course, our weekend starts out with a snowstorm resulting in a zero-visibility patch of road on Route 17, but luckily, the visibility clears up and we are left with an on-and-off-again snowy, but manageable drive.

Saturday, my lovely sisters-in-law, Marnie and Kate, put together a great Ladies' Luncheon (intimate shower) for me. We play some fun games (they know me well!), have a wonderful lunch and eat a yummy "The Giving Tree" cake Marnie has made (she mailed me the book when our womb baby was only a month old--his first book!). It is special to share this time with them, especially because we live six hours away from each other, and I am blessed to be surrounded by loving, caring and supportive people in my life. Thank you!

That night, my parents, my brothers and their families, and Mike and I all assemble for one last dinner and a night of Cranium--just the 10 of us. My grandmother points out to me that this is a phrase we will often say now: "This will be the last time we ______ without the baby!" With only 2+ months left, she is right!

Sunday evening, we attend the Superbowl Party at Mike's friend's house, and the hosting couple is also expecting a baby boy a day from our due date. I think she has it much harder than I do, as she has two other children to care for, while working as a full-time nurse--but she looks great! The guys play video games--x-box tradition; the toddlers pad their way around the play area--they are such cute kids; and once the Superbowl starts, we all eat, hang out and relax. Our last Superbowl "without the baby..."

It is a good weekend and we arrive back in Harrison late Monday night. Our last long drive, yes, "without the baby..." Thanks again to our friends and family who have been a wonderful support during this pregnancy, and always!

Pictured above:
1-My niece's beautiful handmade wrapping paper for her gift to Baby Bouteneff.
2-My niece and I stiffing "dirty"/candy diapers.

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Anonymous said...

A huge thanks to Arlen, Eric, Kyle, and Fisher for hanging out while all the girls were doing their "shower thang." You just can't beat the Wii.