Thursday, February 12, 2009

Week 30 of Pregnancy

Wait--what? Week 30?

My friend calls me this morning and says, "Your countdown on your blog says 68 days left! I can't believe how fast it's gone by!"

Wait--what? 68 days?

Isn't that just over 2 months?

Wait--what? 2 months left?

Before--what? Having a baby?

Having a--wait--what? I'm having a baby?

In 2 months? 68 days?

So wait--why didn't I notice, I mean, really notice, I was in my--wait--my third trimester?

Oh, yeah. I was in Antigua.

Having my babymoon.

My baaaa-by...moon...

Before my baaaaa-by comes...

In 68 moons...


(pictured above: My friend and I at lunch this week. She is also 30 weeks pregnant. See how our babies are "holding hands" in the second picture?)


Kat said...

Starting to hit home, eh?? I remember that feeling at about 38 weeks...just thinking "I could have a baby in my arms tomorrow!" To me, it was scary (and thrilling) because I had NO idea what to expect. The nice thing about pregnancy is that by 38 to 40 weeks you will be so ready to be done that you won't care about the fear of the unknown. You will just want that baby out :) I think it's absolutely wonderful that you have enjoyed and cherished the last 7 months so much. Thanks for sharing it all with us nosy onlookers! You are going to do great!! Sounds like you might start the undeniable urge to "nest" soon...

Monsoon Mama said...

yeah, kat's totally right-- in a few more weeks, you will really want that baby out! gestation is funny that way-- it's a looooong process, but it can somehow manage to slip by pretty quickly, and the whole BABY thing can sneak up on you a little! i think the home stretch is really about selfcare... i know it can feel hectic and like there are so many things to do (yeah, and the whole "we have to do this before the baby comes" mentality doesn't help) but try to get as much down-time as you can-- take a nap, take a walk, go outside, watch your favorite tv show, take a bath, call a friend, eat some ice cream.

i too had no idea what to expect... i don't know if anyone does! being a mom is the most amazing thing in the world, and you will be ready for that when your little one comes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kat and Div! It is so good to have a support network around! I am starting my own version of nesting, which is primarily trying to make space for our baby in our apartment and figure out where we are putting all this stuff, and what we are selling or throwing out to make room! I am looking forward to that process ending so I can do all the fun stuff too! And you are totally right that I need to also relax etc. Time is funny how it creeps up on you...I just get moments where the reality hits, but then I'm back to doing what I do and taking things as they come!

Anonymous said...

When I realized there were only 10 weeks left, that was the first time I started a mental "countdown" towards the pregnancy, rather than a "countup" from conception. Amazing.

Mary said...

How exciting! Your lives will be changed forever, and quite soon you will wonder how you were ever without the little guy! You look terrific pregnant - I have really enjoyed following along your journey.
Much love,