Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pregnancy Week 29: 7th Prenatal Doctor's Appointment

Today, I have my monthly OB appointment, and while I have tried not to think about it, I am slightly worried about what my doctor might say regarding my weight gain. My scale at home has given me so many different readings, but I know it is typically lower than the doctor's scale. At my last appointment, my doctor said I looked healthy and good, but he did notice I had gained a pound more than average over 5 weeks. While everyone has been encouraging about this minor remark, and while I myself know there is nothing wrong with this, and I do actually feel confident in the way I look (I think), I still cannot help feel anxious about his reaction if I have gained, say 6-8 pounds in 4 weeks.

On the car ride over to the appointment, I tell Mike these worries then promise him I will stop talking about it once I get weighed. Mike believes I've blown the whole comment out of proportion in my mind (I probably have on some level), and says there is nothing to worry about.

"Well, if the doctor starts judging my weight gain, then you should say something to him if you think I look healthy."

He tells me he will, and I actually feel better already.

However, as fate would have it, none of these concerns even come into play as it appears I have only gained 2.5 pounds in 4 weeks after all! I smile and feel a huge sense of relief! Of course, I would also be fine with weighing a few pounds more, as well, but I am just happy I don't need to explain any "higher than average" weight gain.

In fact, the doctor doesn't even bring up my weight this time, yet Mike, ready to defend me, asks him, "So is Tara's weight okay?"

My OB looks at his chart, "Yes, I'd say it's just about perfect for where it should be at this point," he turns to me. "With you, my concern would be if you weren't gaining enough weight, but it seems you're gaining enough, but not too much, just right where you should be."

It relieves me further to hear him say this--that his worry would be my not gaining enough, not that I would gain too much. I now think it is possible he mentioned my weight gain last time in order to assure me it was completely healthy for me, in case he had been worried I would overreact to that gain myself.

In any case, I am done with thinking about my weight now! It is what it is. I eat pretty much the same as I have all my pregnancy and even pre-pregnancy, just heeding what my body tells me. And that is the end of that saga.


The rest of our meeting goes equally as well. He tells me my next appointment will be 2-3 weeks from now, then the next few will be 2 weeks apart, and finally, I'll be seeing him every week in my last month. He encourages me to come with any questions I have about labor or delivery. It seems that "suddenly," we are moving into the home stretch (how did that happen?)!

Otherwise...I have passed my glucose test, so I do not have gestational diabetes. The baby's heartbeat is right at the cusp of a "boy's heartbeat" (old wives' tale) around 140. The doctor measures my uterus, saying that the number of centimeters it is should correspond with the number of weeks I am pregnant. It seems like another old wives' tale, but it is true, as I measure between 28 and 29 centimeters (and I am just a day or two into 29 weeks).

We also finally hear the results of our 20-week anatomy screening (almost 10 weeks later!). The sonographer had said a general "all is fine" at the appointment, but it is nice to be assured of the specifics--that the baby has no genetic issues, all the organs are functioning as they should be, and our baby is pretty much right in the middle of all the percentiles. Everything is developing perfectly, he says.

As Mike and I celebrate our appointment at our local Indian restaurant (it has become a tradition that we go out to eat after our late OB appointments), we talk about how lucky we have been this pregnancy. We have not had any scares, any medical issues, the baby is active and strong, I have felt really good, and I seem to be progressing on target. I appreciate all the prayers from our families, from the people at my parents' church, from our friends, from my husband. I do believe we and our baby boy are truly blessed, and as we progress into this last trimester, that confidence is the most reassuring of all.

(Photo Note: No, don't worry that I have suddenly given up my pregnancy exhibitionist belly pictures! I just didn't have my normal attire with me when taking these photos. Rest assured, they shall come back. But I'll give you a break after all the Antigua onslaught of bathing suit shots! :)


Kat said...

Looking good! Glad to hear you are right on target with your weight. I know it's so hard not to worry about those things :)

Monsoon Mama said...

i'm so glad that you're feeling so good and positive about everything! it's wonderful to go into the home stretch (and yes, time flies!) feeling relaxed and confident. you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing the doc was kind this time...for his sake. :0

But really, we're incredibly thankful everything went so well. Now we can focus more on nesting 'n' naming stuff...