Sunday, February 22, 2009

A fun celebration with friends!

Today, Mike and I experience a wonderful celebration for our little womb baby with local friends. People come from NYC, CT, Westchester, Putman and Rockland County (we are grateful that our apartment does have a pretty central location for the tri-state area). Rachel, Xell and Laurie organize this party and do a fantastic job--thank you!!

The fete is complete with raw vegan chocolates, collards wraps, lactose free cupcakes, a 4 foot steak sandwich, a strawberry shortcake baby cake and much more!

Rachel (also pregnant--just five weeks after me!) creates an awesome board game with trivia questions taken from this very blog, as well as many more activities to share. She also displays a fun baby food guessing game (who knew banana baby food smelled so gross??). And here I must add that my prize winning of the day is being the closest guess to how many jelly beans are in a baby bottle. My guess--130. The actual number--132. The previous day I also had won a "guess the cheerios in a jar" game at our friends' son's first birthday party. Mike is very proud of my guesstimating skills. He's trying to find a way we can capitalize on this clearly coveted talent and make money...

It is nice to share the experience of our approaching baby with friends and to have one final party at our apartment before the baby arrives (and I don't even have to do any of the work! They set up while Mike and I were gone!).

Many thanks to the generosity and support of our friends! We are very lucky and blessed to have such a great support network in our area!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously, what an awesome party-shower. Rachel, thanks SO MUCH for all your hard work...especially while you're pregnant yourself! You rock. And huge thanks to Laurie and Xelle also. The food, the games, etc, were all awesome.

I still feel a little guilty for knowing so many of the answers in the 'Baby Bouteneff' boardgame blog team had a serious advantage. :)