Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pregnancy Week 28: Glucose test and rhogam shot

Today, I visit Stamford Hospital to receive my mercury-free rhogam shot (for being rh negative and the doctor not caring if Mike is negative as well), and take the infamous Glucose Test.

I arrive at 9:30am, my appointed time, and learn I must first register in another part of the hospital, then go to the lab, before returning to the infusion center to receive my shot. I make my way to Registration, and after waiting for 45 minutes, complete the first leg of my journey.

Next, I move on to the laboratory, where I have blood drawn to ensure I am rh negative, and I register in that department. When I walk into the center, I see another pregnant woman drinking the glucose concoction and making a face. "I'm right behind you!" I tell her, and in a few minutes, I sit down with my own sugary orange soda mixture. It really is not as bad as everyone warned me--at least it is nothing compared to the chalky disgusting goo I had to drink before a CAT scan once. I am to wait for one hour in the lab while the sugars do their thing.

While the wait is long (and there is another long wait to come!), the time passes remarkably quickly due to meeting the other glucose-drinking pregnant woman. I sit a few chairs away from her, and we begin chatting. I find out she is 28 weeks, as well. In fact, she is due only 2 days before I am. The similarities increase when we find out she is rh negative, as well, and will be moving on to the Infusion Center after the glucose test, along with me. After talking for 45 minutes or so, and hearing her mention things her doctor has told her, I decide to test out another possible similarity.

"I doubt he's the same one, but what is your doctor's name?"

She says his name and begins telling me where his office is located, and I interupt her to say, "That's my doctor too!"

We are both surprised at another pregnancy coincidence!

We then dish our opinion of our doctor. This is her second baby, and her first experience was with a large practice. Her doctors were competent, but she was looking for a more personal involvement with her second baby, and a friend recommended our OB. She has had a few difficulties during her pregnancy, and our doctor has been reassuring to her, and very helpful. She also finds him extremely calming, relaxed, and thorough. She shares her friend's experience in delivery with him as well, where he also proved to be attentive, caring, respectful, and present.

It is relieving to speak to someone else who has the same OB as I do, and can validate my feelings of security with him.

After the hour is up, my new pregnancy friend has her blood drawn again, then I have mine drawn again. She waits for me, and we walk over to the Infusion Center together. We register, then sit in another waiting room for another hour, talking and sharing.

We both receive our rhogam shots, exchange information, then walk out to the parking lot together. "Maybe we'll see each other in April!" We half-joke before going our separate ways.

It is an interesting morning, speaking with her, because she divulges a plethora of interesting information about the delivery of her first child. While I feel I have asked many of my new mothers numerous questions about their labor and delivery, I find myself asking and learning specifics from her that I have never heard from anyone before. She shares every detail openly and I am fully engaged, happy to sit back and listen to her experience. I suppose there is something about meeting a stranger in a hospital environment, where what you share in common is a physical/ medical state of being, that allows both strangers to be, perhaps, even more open than they would normally be with friends or acquaintances. There is a sort of safety zone, where nothing seems too personal to share or ask, if related to an experience two people both will be having.

And to the other people in the waiting area...the large man in the wheelchair, the elderly gentleman watching tv, the couple speaking in an Eastern European language...well, I guess they were just the "lucky" recipients who had the chance to eavesdrop about half-working epidurals and such.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere, out there, there's a husband with a wife who's due April 21st also. And when we meet, we'll swap stories and become the best of friends, just like Tara and her new BFF. Until then, I'll have to sit around all mopey-like...

Kat said...

Well, I guess you are now past the big 28 week checkup. Glad to hear that all went smoothly (including a mercury-free shot and a not-so-terrible sugar drink). Having someone to share stories with is a great way to pass the time at the doctor's. It sounds like you really hit it off with your new friend. I'm glad you were able to talk candidly about some of "the things no one ever tells you." That is really helpful. It's always better to have as much information as possible when going into an experience like childbirth (even though every situation is different). You are getting so close...almost 30 weeks already! Pretty soon you will be going to the doctor every 2 exciting!
And, by the way, you still look GREAT!!