Saturday, January 3, 2009

Reborn Babies

[posted by Mike]
Tara and I saw a program on 20-20 yesterday about "Reborn Babies." The show followed adults who purchase VERY realistic-looking, hand-crafted dolls and pretend they're real. They sing to them, take them out, buy them real baby clothes, get compliments from people they run into (who think the babies are real), and basically live as a mother and child would live, minus the poop, the crying, the growth, and emotional feedback loop.

The dolls go for anywhere between $500-$3000. Conventions revolve around the buying, selling, and custom ordering of these little babes. One such site selling them is Reborn Babies.

The show discussed the psychological aspects of such a "hobby". Many women probably do in fact get a bit of a "mother's high" from interacting with the baby in such a real way. However, some psychologists are concerned that 1) these "moms" are getting too accustomed to socially interacting with these dolls as an accessory, and 2) these "moms" never actually get the emotional response/love back from the baby...i.e. the affection is all 1-way.

Interesting stuff. For our first one, I'm glad we stuck with the "au natural" method of baby production. But when we start changing diapers, perhaps a doll won't seem like such a bad idea? :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw part of that, and I found it deeply disturbing. Go for the natural route, indeed!! --Kate

Tara M said...

Yeah--it was pretty wild! And the babies do really look pretty realistic--at least in the pictures. It reminds me of the men who have giant female dolls that become their best friends/girlfriends. They take them with them in public and stuff too sometimes. I think there is a big difference between a hobby in collecting something and a fantasy of treating an inanimate object as real. Healthy creativity is okay, but if your social life becomes tied up in fantasy, that is not so good. I wonder what these people's friends think of these obsessions. They didn't interview friends and family members (it was a short segment), but I'm sure there is a documentary in the works somewhere about it!

xellacious said...

That is so creepy, and the fake baby even creepier. What will they think of next!