Monday, November 3, 2008

Pregnancy Week 16--Cast your vote!

I'm not talking McCain or Obama here (although do that too)...I'm talking XX or XY, people!

Yes, Mike and I are finding out the sex of our baby! I could say we debated the issue--that we thought about the pros and cons of each possibility, that we discussed it with each other, slept on it, and made a well-thought of decision. But we really just both said, "Yeah, why not?"

We will definitely have enough surprise and excitement the day of delivery that we don't feel we're gypping ourselves of that experience. Sure, it's convenient to know if we're having a boy or girl so we can prepare with clothing, get a room ready knowing what colors we might want, and start narrowing down names. Mostly though, I think it will just feel more real to both of us. Our baby will be a "she" or a "he." And we'll have less of a chance slipping up and calling the baby an "it."

And I love seeing how excited Mike is when he thinks about it. Obviously he is involved and happy we are having a baby, but he is so excited when he mentions finding out the sex. And that makes me even more excited.

So cast your vote now (in the column to the right)! We'll be finding out the sex in about 3 weeks. In the mean time, consider the outcome of the following Old Wives' Tales for predicting the sex of your unborn baby!

1) How you are showing:
-Belly only--Boy
-All over (or a full face)--Girl
Outcome: I am definitely starting to show now (the baby is the size of an avocado, 4-5 inches "head to rump"!), and so far, it's pretty much limited to my belly, although not at all sure it will stay that way, but we'll say that for now.

2) Fetal Heartbeat:
-Under 140--Boy
-Over 140--Girl
Outcome: Last we checked, the heartbeat was around 170 or so.

3) Sweet or Sour/Salty Cravings:
-Crave sweet things--Girl
-Crave sour/salty things--Boy
Outcome: Pretty mixed here, but I guess I'd opt for salty since hummus and crackers seem to be my meal of choice right now.

4) Picking up a key:
-Pick it up at the round end--Boy
-Pick it up at the thin end--Girl
Outcome: I picked it at the round end. Can't even imagine picking it up at the thin end.

5) Mother's intuition:
-If the pregnant mother thinks she's having a boy--Boy
-If the pregnant mother thinks she's having a girl--Girl
Outcome: I really am not thinking strongly either way, but if I had to choose, I'd say girl.
(btw--this is the most accurate, as mothers guess correctly 71% of the time!)

6) Pendulum swing:
-If a pendulum over the woman's head swings in a back and forth motion-Boy
-If it swings in a circular motion--Girl
Outcome: It swung side-to-side.

7) Chinese Zodiac Sex Predictor:
Compare the number of the month you conceived with the age you were when you conceived.
-If both numbers are even or both are odd--Boy
-If one is odd and the other even--Girl
Outcome: Conceived in month 7, was 31 years old. Both odd.

8) Online "Boy or Girl" quiz:
I took a quiz which asked a variety of questions, including some of the issues I bring up here, but others as well, like, "Does your pillow face north or south?" "Are your feet colder than before?" "Do you eat the heel of a loaf of bread?"
Outcome: 50% BOY, 50% GIRL

So those are the "facts." Now you can make an informed decision when you vote. :)


Mike said...

Yes, we decided to find out the child's sex, so in your face all you elitist "You're ruining the surprise!" people.

The really important thing here is to determine whether our child will be on a boys' soccer team or a girls' soccer team, and whether the baby will become a female lead singer of a band or a male lead singer of a band....

Tara M said...

But "no pressure", right, Mike? :)

Monsoon Mama said...

you guys are too funny!
you know, i can't imagine not finding out the sex of the baby... the suspense would be way too much for me! when i was pregnant, i felt like there were so many unknowns, and if i could cross off one unknown from that long list, then i would. i personally always thought i was having a girl, but when i saw the baby kicking and moving around during my 12 week ultrasound, i thought, "hmm, could this baby be a boy?" but i really felt like it HAD to be a girl; after all, I'M a girl, so everything related to my body is a GIRL, right? nope.

and believe me, there are enough surprises... the sex of the baby doesn't have to be one of them! can't wait to hear what the ultrasound tells you!

Kat said...

I have no idea if it's a boy or a girl, but I agree with Divya that it's natural for a woman to think she is having a girl. Having the great fortune to have one of each, I can honestly say, they are both SO wonderful! By the way, are you going to share your name with us when you decide?

Tara M said...

Yeah, I think you guys are right--being a girl might make think I'm having a girl! But also, a lot of people were saying they thought we were having a girl. One of our vacation friends we met in Las Vegas even said he was totally sure we would have a girl, and actually saw 2 girls in our future. And he said he's always right and had a really strong feeling about me.

Of course, Mike and I didn't SAY we believed him or anything. But then when I did all those tests yesterday, Mike said something like, "Hm. I was getting excited about having a girl." And I said, "I was too!" He said, "Everyone just kept saying we were, and maybe I started to sort of think, yeah, I guess we are."

At that point, we realized how we were leaning. We hadn't wanted to say that out loud to each other yet, but it was clearly there!

BUT--when I think about knowing either way, if it is a boy or a girl, I just get really excited, doesn't matter which. Just the knowing will be amazing.

Regarding the name, Kat--I don't know yet...I'll have to check with Mike. We have a girl's name, but we don't have a boy's name yet. We did get good advice about it (as I'm sure you guys did too), either not to share, or if you do share, just declare it. Don't say, "we're thinking about ...." just say, "His name is ...." end of story. Don't try to tell me that name reminds you of some kid who used to eat bugs off the screen window and who beat you up and who now lives in the gutter, so maybe I should think about that name before using it.

Nope, don't tell me that. :)

Nicolas Bouteneff said...

Before I vote, let me ask you Tara what foot hits the floor first when you get up in the morning?

Tara M said...

My left foot hits the floor first when I get out of bed...Although if I were sleeping on the other side of the bed, it probably would be my right--but I'm not, so left it is! So, boy or girl? :)

grandma berta said...

It was a pendulum over your wrist years ago, not head. And I was fine being surprised-- but had no choice at the time. The doc's prediction, on heartbeats was 100% wrong on 3 kids. It's fine finding out, still plenty of "new" things going on when he/ she is born-- and then we can quit saying he/ she. But on the other hand, I keep hearing people say the ultrasound was wrong!

Tara M said...

Yeah, I had read the heartbeat thing actually did have doctors behind it at one point. And apparently a baby girl's heartbeat is faster than a boy's, but not until they are born, I had read. But at least that one comes from somewhere that seems reasonable.

I also read the pendulum over the belly.

did you do the wrist pendulum, Mom?

grandma berta said...

I'm thinking someone did the wrist pendulum on me one time but I have no memory of it's accuracy, or for which pregnancy.

xellacious said...

I so love this post - I love all the ways that can possibly hint to the sex of the baby! I need to see you again before I can guess, so for now I think it is a care bear!

xellacious said...

I have heard if you have silent farts, it will be a boy, and loud tooters hint to a girl.

Anonymous said...

My first blog comment! I absolutely LOVE that you're sharing your thoughts with us! I read EVERY page! Keep it going!

Julie said...

The heartbeat thing worked 50% of the time for me... certainly not reliable but it did have some bearing on the personality of my kiddos. The kids over 150 are my outgoing and active ones and the kids under 150 are the quiet ones. Maybe its just me? It seemed pretty accurate. Another thing was the time I had to get up to use the bathroom overnight while pregnant was the same exact time they got up to eat as newborns? Coincidence? Who knows :) Oh, and I did have an ultrasound that wrongly predicted one but it was done at 16 wks rather than 20, so that probably rules out any suspicion as to the reliability of ultrasounds for me!

Tara M said...

That is interesting, Julie, about your bathroom vs. feeding cycles when you were pregnant/nursing babies. Maybe you body rhythms were really in tune! I wake up sooo frequently, so who knows!

That is interesting the sonogram was wrong for you with the sex of the baby! Yeah, we will wait until about 19 weeks or so (they say 18-20), and if it's a 3D sonogram, it ought to be pretty clear. I haven't heard of anyone who's had that and been given the wrong sex. But we shall see!

granny power said...

I think its nice to know ahead of time. You'll love the baby either way. If it's a boy, and you raise him right, someday he'll bring you home a wonderful daughter.