Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Baby Packs a Punch..!

[posted by Mike]
Well, as those of you following us here know, Tara felt the baby for the first time about 6 days go, on Friday. Today, I got to share a little...

I was typing away about something mindless, and Tara called me over, "Mike, if you come quick you might feel the baby!" I'd heard this before, and had not yet succeeded, and was also in the middle of a sentence about 'social media marketing', so I continued to type. (The best husband in the world, I am not.) Then she said, "I just felt it again!" Then again, "Again!"

I added a period to whatever I was writing, pushed my $10 Walmart 'office chair' away from my computer, and walked over to Tara to place my hand on her sexy belly, like she showed me.

Within seconds, WHAM! It felt like someone had just lightly tapped on the inside of Tara's belly with their finger. My eyes widened a bit, and I laughed out of surprise. WHAM! "Oh sh#t!" I said. We both laughed a bunch more, and I gave Tara a kiss.

I really had no idea I'd be able to feel the baby this early...sweet!


Kat said...

It sounds like you have a mover and a shaker on your hands! Congrats on feeling the baby...that is a very exciting moment! I have a feeling your little one is going to be a serious rib, cervix (ouch!) and bladder kicker in a couple more months with the amount of energy he/she has. Preparing to be a soccer player already?

Monsoon Mama said...

it's really wonderful that you got to feel your little one move... isn't it wild? when i was pregnant, the baby never seemed to "cooperate" for dan and would get shy or cheeky every time i'd say, "come here quickly... the baby is moving!" and, for the record, it sounds like you are a FABULOUS husband :) and yes, i agree with kat's prediction of the cervix, ribs, and bladder kickings... and at that point, you'll see her entire belly jolt from side to side-- it's totally alien-like and awesome.

Tara M said...

Yeah--I was soo happy Mike got a chance to feel the movement already! And two times in about 10 seconds! I too, was skeptical in thinking he'd actually be able to feel it (since, yes, Div, same here--I couldn't predict when the baby would move again--or if it'd be hard enough for someone else to feel), but since the baby had pushed on me several times pretty close together, and pretty "hard", I was hoping!

I'm so glad you took another chance, Mike, despite the lure of the computer! It was sooooo awesome to share that with you! And much earlier than I thought I'd be able to!

(I can't imagine the baby kicking my ribs, cervix, etc! That is going to be another weird thing!)

grandma berta said...

I just got a chance to read the latest blogs. Being there to share that moment was special and reading your comments is another tear-jerker for me!
Just wait for those kicks on a full bladder! That's the worst!
Go, little soccer player, go!

grandma berta said...

And so great for you, Mike! It does make it TOTALLY real now, doesn't it!

Mike said...

Kat: Absolutely. A soccer ball and a guitar will be next to the crib at all times, I've decided (though Tara has not yet agreed). Kick, kick, kick little one! (Sorry, Tara; we have to start 'em early these days.)

Monsoon: Thanks for the vote of confidence. :) Crazy CRAZY stuff, the alien-ish awesomeness...

Tara: No doubt.

G-Berta: It's definitely more real. Tara's hosting her own "The Real World" series right in her belly!