Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4th Doctor's Appointment

Our 16 week OB appointment is probably the least eventful we've had so far, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose. The visit starts out when Mike and I are shown into an exam room. I sit on the paper-covered table and Mike plops himself down on the rolling stool with wheels. We talk and wait for the doctor to come in as usual.

A few minutes later, the doctor arrives. He stares at Mike for a beat as he makes his way into the room and remains standing, seeming uncertain of something. Mike pushes himself around in the stool a bit, stretching his legs out; he's having good time. The doctor looks at Mike, then looks at the plastic chair in the corner, then to Mike again, then the chair in the corner. Mike notices he is looking a bit annoyed, and suddenly realizes why. "Oh, you probably want your seat, huh?" He asks. Immediately, the doctor nods and points at the stationary chair, "Yeah, why don't we swap here?"

I laugh, as I hadn't thought about the fact that Mike was wheeling himself around in the doctor's mobile stool before, but it is a rather comical site.

Then I explain how I have been feeling under the weather this week--sometimes feeling quite nauseous (that hang-over feeling of being dizzy too), feeling sooo tired (and of course, still not sleeping well despite that), with a headache, and sometimes fever. It hasn't turned into a full blown cold, but it's made me feel lousy all week. I am starting to wonder if this is what some women feel during their first trimester. I have been so happy to have escaped my first 3+ months feeling fine, but now am not so certain this doesn't have to do with pregnancy...time will tell, I suppose.

My doctor gives me some advice on this, and advice on sleeping, including various options of medicines/herbs I can take. I am still wary of taking anything for my sleeping problems, but I think I might break down and try something in the next month. There have been days or weeks at a time where I will wake up every hour for most of the night, or receive only 2-4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It still remains frustrating.

Our real excitement of this appointment is that we hear the heart beat for the first time. Up until now, we have seen the heart beating with the ultrasounds, but never actually heard it before. It's a swishing sound, almost like the ocean.

Below is a video of a fetal heartbeat I found on youtube. It is NOT our baby's heartbeat, but it gives the basic idea of what it sounds like (we need to remember to videotape our next appointments!).

He gives us a number for the hospital so we can schedule our anatomy screening (which is also where we can find out the sex). When we schedule the appointment, I am disappointed to learn the earliest they have available is December 2, which is the latest end of our window of time to have the screening. Ah, well. More time for people to get in their votes!

BTW--I've switched my header countdown ticker. The panda/quilt ticker has been traded up for a cleaner look. Thanks to Robyn for that ticker!


grandma berta said...

I'm cracking up picturing Mike "stealing" the Doc's seat and wheeling all around the room! I can picture it! And what a lovely sound! Not an uneventful appointment at all!

Julie said...

Joel tried that trick a time or two as I recall... it is quite funny to see what a doc will do in those circumstances. My OB/GYN would have reacted with a silly but pointed comment. I love the way you described the whole interaction!

Tara M said...

It was funny. It cracked me up too and thinking about it now makes me laugh still. But I should point out, Mike was not wheeling around the entire room, just the little area he was in, pushing himself forward and backward, sort of, like extending the legs, so the stool moved. When I showed Mike the post, he was reading it out loud, and we both were laughing so hard at that point: "He's having a good time" etc. :)