Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Word From Tara's Husband...

[by Mike]
Hooray! My first post. First, an ENORMOUS thanks to Tara for starting this blog; I'm so, so glad we (she) kicked this project off. (Thanks, Babester!)

Where to start. How 'bout a stream-of-conciousness, shot gun approach to set the scene? So, I'm reading about "Month 4" in The Expectant Father (thanks to Jay, Dan, Kat, Mike M, another Mike M, for the referral). I'm incredibly excited about learning whether our little baby is a boy or girl. I'm incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful mom-to-be as my wife. I'll stay away from "global depression"-related topics for now... What else? A ginormous election (but you folks know all that). SNL is hilarious. Tara and I are writing a song. We're still looking for a house...however, our real estate-related dialog has morphed from "...if we move into Stamford, CT, we'll afford more room for our growing family.." to "...if we move the bed out of the guest room, we'll have some room for a crib...".

But enough of that money stuff. (Sorry, "Month 4" in TEF is all about college funds, investments, and money...)

So, I'm going to be a father. Crazy. Hopefully, it's okay that I still think NHL '94 is the best video game ever, and am still willing to perform the 'Monkey Dance' when Tara prompts me... But it certainly is a different thing when a little life is in your hands. But then, I'm really not one to talk about any of this yet, since I'm not there; I need to earn the badge first. So we'll stop immediately. (I salute all the many proud dads I know!)

Quick Question: Will I still be able to call Tara "Babe" and "Babester" once we have a baby?

Well, that's it. That's my glorious first random post/rant. NOW LET'S GET PUMPED!!


Tara M said...

Thanks for joining in, Mike! Good to hear your e-voice. Hmm. I'm excited to hear what you think about The Expectant Father (as you know, I've read a fair share myself, which is a dangerous thing for us, as we also know...I'll have to post about that later...).

I don't think we could stop "Babester" at this point if we tried! Another one of those things that starts as a joke, then turns into habit!

Anonymous said...

God, do I ever miss the Monkey Dance. So sad that we're so far away....
And heck ya you still call her babe (right now, and after Baby Booty arrives). There'll just be a slightly more reverential tone in it after she delivers YOUR CHILD. Crazy thought indeed.
Congrats, again!

Abner11 said...

I must say, I pretty much glossed over the financial portion of TEF (which may explain why we're still in a one bedroom).

It is definately good to hear from you, Mike. Dads tend to get "third fiddle" status around this time (for somewhat obvious reasons). But don't worry - you aren't alone in thinking that NHL 94 is still the greateest game ever (though I'm a little more partial to NHL 01 myself). You'll have to keep your skills sharp anyway so you can teach the little one!