Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pregnancy Week 15--Yes, I have a pregnancy belly! (well, sort of)

So I'm 15 weeks pregnant now--over a week into my fourth month, and yes, I finally have a little belly (and I'm giving you 3 pictures to prove it). I guess it's about time, but apparently I'm still adjusting. Because--

Last night, after dinner and a shower, I'm walking around the apartment and Mike sees me from a distance. "Your belly really is a little out there now," he says. Of course, I've been telling him this for days, but when he now agrees with me, I narrow my eyes and make a scowling face.

He rushes over to me, grabs and kisses me, caressing my stomach. "I love it! It is soo cute and sexy! I can't wait to see your belly grow!"

I then "defend" my belly in a strange way. "It's just there because I ate a lot of hummus and drank so much water!"

I instantly smile at the oddness of my saying this.

"I don't know why I just said that," I tell him. "It is the baby. Of course, I would rather it be the baby than food. You'd think I'd want to argue it the other way around." Then I get defensive again, egged on by absolutely nothing. "I mean, I am over three months. A lot of people are showing more than me at this point, so it's perfectly normal to have a little belly now. It's just going to get bigger," I state the obvious.

"I know," Mike says. "Of course it's the baby. The baby needs somewhere to go. I love it," he emphasizes. He's a good guy.

My chiropractor lowers the belly part of his table for me yesterday. My friend at work today says she can finally see I am pregnant (then perhaps sensing my unfounded fear to hear this, she stresses that I'm normally so thin, which is how she can tell). So I guess it's out there. My belly, that is.

So obviously, I have my moments of feeling weird about it, but then I have a lot of moments where I am loving it, look at it in the mirror and smile, eager for it to grow even more.

Of course, I do think people who don't know me would assume I just ate a little too much hummus, but for those who have observed my abs more frequently, yes, they are a' changing!


Kat said...

Yes! I can see it...especially in the third photo. How fun! And, yes, I actually think a lot of guys really do think a pregnant belly is sexy. Divya and I were just talking about how beautiful pregnancy made us feel. You are definitely looking beautiful!

Mike said...

I have to say, I'm totally finding Tara to be booty-licious. It's not something I would have predicted or guessed, but it's true... (In fact, if you were to see the _4th_ picture I took that day, you might've seen me tackling Tara (gently, of course)..!

Tara M said...

Thanks, Kat!! You are so sweet (and a sexy mama yourself!) That is great you guys felt sexy when you were pregnant! You were!! (and are!)

I guess I sort of do--I mean, it feels neat to think that you're hosting this baby, that you have this special thing that not everyone else has inside. But it's also still new... I just got up this morning and felt like my stomach was totally empty, where normally it'd be flat. And looking at it and seeing the belly, I was like, "What's going on?" for a second. Then was like, "Oh, right...the apple-sized baby..."

But Mike is very helpful in this way too. He and I both know he loves it when I have a flat stomach, but it's good to see him get excited over a non-flat stomach too. I guess just variety is fun sometimes!

grandma berta said...

OK, so you do barely have a pregnancy belly! But you started so small, it's more like everyone else after a good meal! But keep it up, this is GOOD fat! Baby Bouteneff needs to grow! Keep "plumping up".

Unknown said...

You look fantastic!! I'm glad you have the "before" and after because my untrained eye wouldn't be able to tell the difference. And since you are "daring" enough to wear a bikini top throughout the whole thing...way to go Mike! hahaha. It's funny that you (at times) have to remind yourself that you are pregnant. When you feel the kicks you won't have to be reminded.

Tara M said...

Thanks, Natalia! :) Yeah, I think the baby kicking will be such a wild sensation (and for the rest of pregnancy!). I do feel things even now, but I have no idea if it's just my stomach or if it's the baby. They do say some women can feel the baby at 15 or 16 weeks, if they've had babies before, if they're thin enough, or are remarkably perceptive! But I will just have to wait, because it's probably just indigestion! (Is that what Scrooge always said?)

And we'll see if I remain daring enough to keep the bikini top throughout the whole pregnancy! But at least I made it through the first trimester with it.

Thanks, Mom! Yes, "plumping up", indeed! My shots are always in the morning too, remember. So as I eat more food, I have a bigger belly. If I were doing "after dinner" shots, I'd look a lot more pregnant probably!

Monsoon Mama said...

yes, kat and i were just talking about how lovely and luscious we felt when we were pregnant! the roundness and curvy-ness and is wonderful, and especially since we're taught to think we have to be thin, thin, THIN all the time, i found it refreshing to revel in my BIG-ness! i actually felt anand move JUST before 17 weeks-- it felt like bubbles popping in my belly (no, very different from gas!) i will give you mad props if you stick with the bikini top throughout your pregnancy... you may actually have to get a bigger bikini top, if you know what i mean! you look amazing :)

Kat said...

If you think you are feeling the baby, you probably are! I don't think it is too early. To me, it just felt like random muscle twitches at first and them became more obvious with time. But, you know your body best and I think you ARE feeling that little "womb baby!" So cool! :)