Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pregnancy Week 13: From ANTM to the Grand Canyon--Pictures from Las Vegas

So Mike, the womb-baby, and I, all have a great time in Nevada. In Las Vegas, I can do without all the smoke from cigarettes and cigars (it is even smoky outside!), but we have fun.

While at our at hotel, we see the filming of the America's Next Top Model (next season), and get a close-up view, since we can swim right up to the taping from our pool. A new vacation friend of mine, Lynn, and I (and a random lady in the pool) talk with "Miss Jay" whose personality seems quite like his tv persona. When the taping is over, Jay walks near us, and Lynn's boyfriend, Brad, is bold enough to ask him to pose for a picture with us. At first, he hesitates; they are not supposed to take pictures while filming, but we promise to make the picture a close-up (so as not to give away the location), and get our shot.

Nothing bonds two couples like a celebrity sighting, so Mike and I have dinner with the vaca-friends the next night at Fix in the Bellagio (to the right is Mike's dessert there--the "Shake and Cake").

We see Cirque's "O" (and do our own act pre-curtain, pictured to the left), have a lot of great dinners out, and I get a massage (but the therapist is too scared to give me a nice strong massage, since I'm pregnant--bummer). We gamble a little and Mike wins $85 at his slow-and-steady method of playing roulette. We also rent a car to the Hoover Dam and swim in Lake Mead.

However, the highlight of our trip is our Grand Canyon tour. We fly in a tiny plane to the Grand Canyon, take a helicopter ride into the canyon itself, then enjoy a relaxing boat ride in the Colorado River at the bottom of the GC before making the mount back to the top, where we wander around and eat an "authentic American Indian meal" (i.e. mac-n-cheese, beef and cornbread). Here, Mike and I relax on a rock at the Grand Canyon. There is nothing between us the 4000+ feet below!

Below is the view from the inside of the helicopter.

Our peach-sized baby enjoyed it all!

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grandma berta said...

I can almost hear he/she yelling "wheee" on the helicopter's descent into the canyon!