Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pregnancy Week 12: We're in Vegas, baby!

Mike has a marketing conference in Vegas this week, so I have tagged along, and we're adding a few extra days to his stay so we can have a little vacation. I guess it's kind of a Babymoon, although we're really hoping we can go somewhere in January or February that is out of the country. We know it is going to be really hard to vacation in the same manner once we have kids (well, we won't really vacation in the same way). How does your vacation change once you have kids, all you current parents?

So no drinking for me this vacation (which is a shame, as we have all these complimentary swanky work dinners with free drinks that I will substitute for orange juice).

It's nice that I'm nearing the end of the first trimester, because we can be totally open about being pregnant now. Once you're around 3 months, no one says "wow, you're early on" anymore when you tell them (which I didn't experience, but Mike encountered every time!). It's been fun to talk to people at the dinners in Vegas about being pregnant too. I'm hearing a lot of stories about pregnancy and childrearing (no horror stories, which is good, although I don't get too freaked out by those yet...). It's fun!

So for now, we're living it up, baby-Vegas-style, baby! :)

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