Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I finally believe I'm pregnant! :)

So my mental disbelief that I'm pregnant finally fades today (my emotional disbelief will remain for a while!) when I take my fourth pregnancy test. I take it the first thing in the morning, after a restless night of "sleep". And the pink line is brighter than ever.

Mike and I can barely believe it. We just smile and hold each other.

"I guess I really am pregnant then," I say.

"Yeah, you are!" he hugs me.

We decide we are not going to wait to tell our family. We won't tell the world, of course, but we want to share this with them, no matter what happens. We've had one night to ourselves with this knowledge and can't hold it in any longer! So after work, we call them.

My parents:
We call my parents first, as they are not local and we won't be seeing them for a while (my poor mom will only see me a few times while I'm pregnant!). My parents, of course, are not home. They're camping this week, as they camp almost every week during the summer. Luckily, it is also my brother's birthday today (Happy Birthday, Kyle!), and my parents decided to camp locally, so they could attend his birthday dinner.

I call my brother's house to see if my parents are still there (to tell them to call me after they leave). They have just left, so I call them on their cell phone. They are not far from their house, so I ask if they can stop by there before returning to the campground, because I want to show them something on the internet.

My parents do not suspect anything.

So they call us back from home. I put them on speaker phone, so Mike can hear, as well. Mike has created this little website, done in that silly sort of way email forwards are worded. It's a slightly different way to make our announcement and the best we could think of not being able to tell them in person.

So we send my parents to this website. My parents start reading it and my mother is instantly quiet. She knows. My dad is reading it slowly, out loud. He's not getting it. He gets to the bottom and needs a little help, until he finally realizes what we are showing him on the site. Meanwhile, the moment my mother saw the url "pink-lines" she wrote down the word on a slip of paper, "Pregnant?"

Yes, Mom, I'm pregnant!

They are so happy for us! My mom keeps saying, "This is exciting! Exciting! Exciting!" I've never heard her repeat words like that before, so I'm thrilled she is so happy for us and she expresses what we feel. We talk for a little while more, then let them get back to their campsite before it gets too dark.

Mike's parents:
We debate if we should wait to tell them in person, since they are only 30 minutes away. However, they are going on vacation the next day and it's too late to see them tonight, so it would mean waiting a whole week or more. We think about it, and decide, they'd want to know as soon as possible (they confirmed later, yes, they would. Phew!).

Mike's dad is in the shower when we call, so Mike stalls his mom, asking her advice about buying a house that had a history of termites. Finally, his dad is out of the shower. Mike asks to speak to them both on the phone. They're on speaker again, so I can hear.

We give them the same website. It takes them a long time to get there. We wait as patiently as we can. Mike's mom gets it pretty quickly. Mike's dad does not get it for quite a while. Mike's mom seems impatient and wants him to figure it out. I finally say over the phone, "I'm pregnant!" But no one seems to hear me. Mike tries to say it, I think his mom tries to explain it--finally, someone says it and he gets it. "Oh! God bless you!" He says out of joy. They are so excited for us. :)

My brothers and their families:
Older brother, Kyle, my sister-in-law Marnie, and my nephew and niece, Fisher and Kaia:
We then call Kyle and Marnie (also on speaker phone). It is getting late and they have kids, so we call them as soon as we can. I've already spoken to Kyle to wish him a happy birthday, and Mike and I serenaded him with our barbershop birthday song. But now I say I want to show him this "awesome email forward website Mike made!" (okay...)

Kyle is a modern guy and he picks up on it as quickly as the moms. He starts to laugh with happiness and says congratulations! He calls to Marnie and tells her the news. I tell him, "Yup, your little sister got knocked up!"

Marnie puts my nephew on the phone. He's still awake, although my niece is asleep (I will talk to her tomorrow, and she will ask me right away, "What are you going to name her?" She KNOWS it's a girl!). Eight-year-old Fisher says, "That is wonderful news!" and sounds very grown up.

Oldest brother, Eric, and sister-in-law, Kate:
We then call Eric and Kate (speaker phone). I chat with Eric for a minute, then ask if he can put Kate on the phone too. He says they have company over, so Kate can't come to the phone. Besides, they are waiting for Kate's brother to call. I say it won't take long, can she just get on the phone for a minute? But he is very resistant to this idea. Then he says, "Why? Are you pregnant?"

He's beaten me to the punch! (and he won't be the first to do that in the weeks to come)

"Well...I wanted to talk to you and Kate...but...yes! I'm pregnant!"

He yells to Kate and she exclaims in the background. They both give us their congratulations, and follow-up emails, since they knew they couldn't talk long on the phone while they had company over.

And so we complete the necessary first round of people. Our immediate family knows and will be praying for all three of us (which is reassuring). It feels good to share the news and excitement with others. Makes it a little more real for us too.


Unknown said...

Hey. My "cheesy email forward"-styled web page ROCKS.

Btw, is anyone else confused by the verbiage used in this 3-month, back-dated, future-voiced, blog post? :) Just kidding.

That night was such an incredibly fun night. It reminds me of when we announced our engagement, and when I asked Arlen and Roberta for their permission to propose to Tara. :D

Tara M said...

Yes, Mike is right--I am back-dating all these posts. How's this for confusing? I'm writing them in October, dated in August, in the present tense, but knowing future things that will happen (hence I know Kaia's reaction on Aug 13)...ah, the things you can do in the English language! Well, after the first trimester is over, I am writing it all as I go along, so it ought to solve the back-dating issue. But for now, bear with me, and hopefully it's still informative/interesting/amusing enough.

Mike's email forward DOES rock! I love it! I love you, Mike! :)

grandma berta said...

I'm trying to catch up reading the baby blog. I'm sitting here smiling with tears running down my face, like I did Aug. 12. My baby's having a baby!
God bless you 3- Mike, Tara and Baby Bouteneff! We love you already!

Tara M said...

Aw!!! Thanks, Mom! Your comment made me smile and tear up too!

granny power said...

Although I'll never forget that night, it's still a joy to read this and relive it.