Sunday, September 21, 2008


This past weekend, Mike and I go to upstate NY to visit my family for my mom's 60th "surprise" party (she knew something was up, that sneaky gal). This is the first time we see them since we found out I was pregnant.
(my wonderful grandmother and brother, Kyle, with me at brunch at a quaint restaurant on the bay in Fair Haven, NY)
Many of my mom's local friends are in attendance--70 or so. Also attending are my grandparents from NC, my aunt from the Albany area, Eric and Kate, my brother, Kyle, Marnie, Fisher and Kaia, and even Mike's parents come up for the event (overcoming a car break-down just 1/2 mile from their hotel!).
(my mom and grandfather--don't they look great for 60 and 85?)
I get my first "belly pats" at the party, even though there is not much new to pat. It feels weird because I don't feel like I have a pregnant belly. It is like someone touching my regular stomach, which is odd. I imagine that later on, when my belly is larger, it will not feel as though it belongs to me as much as it does now. It will still be a part of me, of course, but it will be more public, more of a home for a baby. But right now, my baby is the size of a grape, and my stomach feels tight to my body still, mine, not like much of a big home yet. But I guess once you're pregnant, the belly pats start coming!

(My mom's beautiful chocolate cake, made by her friend, Suzanne.)

(The awesome favors and table settings Marnie made for the party.)

Mike and I are glad to be pregnant at this point because we really do want our parents to be a part of our kids' lives. While there is temptation to wait, just because we always want to do more traveling, save more money, buy that house, etc., the ticking clock does get things going. Both of our parents are so excited to be grandparents, and we know they will be amazing! It will also be fun for us to see my brothers and sisters-in-law with their new niece or nephew. And I love my niece and nephew so much and always can't wait to see them (and miss them when I'm away), so I know how much fun it is to have a new family member. I'm glad our child will have loving, creative cousins.

Mike is an only child, so while our baby won't have any first cousins on his side of the family, he has a lot of extended family cousins whom he's very close to (and I love too!). And many of them have babies/toddlers already, so they also will provide a lot of great family bonding.

We are very lucky to have a warm loving family on both sides and happy we can bring a baby into our families!

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