Friday, September 12, 2008

2nd Doctor's Appointment--relief at last!

We have our second doctor's appointment today and Mike is able to come with me again (he is going to try to come to all of them).

We don't have to wait as long this time, which is a welcome change from last time. I pee, I get weighed, then we meet with the doctor. We go over questions I have, he checks in on how I'm doing, then he takes me to the exam room. I have another sonogram and...

It sort of looks like a baby! Or at least a shape of some sort, so I'll take it! The dot from 2 weeks ago is now a lima bean. He points out the brain area (ironically, it is the spot that looks like a black hole), and Mike and I are giddy kids again, marveling at what is alive inside of me.

The baby's heart is flickering stronger than ever, beating at 170 a minute, which is perfect. S/he is growing in the right place, my ovaries look good, everything is going exactly as it should be. He gives me a new due date of April 21, and this will remain my due date.

After the sonogram, Mike and I meet the doctor in his office where he gives me a booklet of information and goes over things such as when to take a vacation, what foods and activities to avoid etc. He seems pleased with the progress. The baby is much bigger than last time, he is able to see more, the heart beat is stronger. He tells me there is very little chance of miscarriage, and hands me the sonogram pictures. "You can put them on your fridge or on the internet or whatever it is you do," he smiles. I am glad he mentions the internet, as it now implies our news need not be a secret. Tell the whole world wide web! He is confident and I am relieved.

We leave the appointment feeling better than ever.

We are driving in the car and Mike asks me if I want to go out to eat. I look at him and smile widely.

"Yes! Yes, I'm sooo hungry!"

This is the first time I've felt hungry in weeks. I have an appetite! I feel calm. I feel tired. Let me stress this--I feel tired!

So we go to one of our favorite restaurants. It's a great sushi place near our house. Mike gets the salmon bento box and I get vegetarian rolls with no seaweed (that's my version of "sushi"--no, I won't be eating raw fish).

I eat until I am full, and notice I still feel relaxed. I do not feel jittery or wired. My body physically senses the relief from my brain. Maybe I can actually sleep tonight...


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