Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment

FINALLY--we have our first doctor's appointment. Mike is able to leave work early to accompany me, which is wonderful.

This is our first meeting with the OB. Someone has recommended him to me, as he is more open to alternative medicine and an holistic approach. He has a single practice, so he'll be the only doctor I will be working with. I've seen his picture online and he's a handsome, relatively young, doctor. But I'm nervous.

We wait for a LONG time before he can see us. The nurse weighs me (I've lost a little more weight, but this is going to be the weight I start from, when figuring out gaining poundage from here on out), do the typical pee in a cup, then I am sent back into the waiting room and there we sit. Mike stands and does silly dance moves to distract me from my nervousness, but I can't appreciate his genius. I can only think of getting started on the appointment.

After 30+ minutes, I am led to the doctor's office by the nurse. On the way, I ask her, "Did you do a pregnancy test on my urine?"

She nods. I pause, waiting for the results. She doesn't give any.

"Am I still pregnant?" I half-laugh.


A woman of few words.

Mike and I see the doctor and do the introductions, then sit down and begin chatting. He asks about me, about Mike, I ask him about his practice, about the hospital he has privileges at. I give him my bag of herbs and he goes over each bottle and lets me know if they are appropriate or not for pregnancy. I appreciate that he doesn't make any snide comments about why I would spend money on oil of oregano...I am impressed that he's spending this much time with us already.

Our half hour chat ends, and he leads me to the examining room. Here again, I end up waiting for 15 minutes until he comes back into the room. He does a regular exam--"This will probably be the last exam you get until after you give birth," he tells me.

Then the magic happens.

He does a sonogram and we see our tiny tiny baby!

S/he is just a little dot on the sonogram. He takes all sorts of measurements and gives me the due date of April 25 (a few days later than the online calculator had assumed). We see the baby's heart beating--it's a candle, a star, flickering and twinkling away. This is a good sign.

"It's aliiive!" I say to Mike. We both laugh, giddy with joy and relief.

The doctor gives us our sonogram picture and says, "Here's one for the fridge." He does point out to us that most expecting couples do not tell too many people at this early of a stage. My heart sinks just a little as he says this, as it implies he is not totally confident in the pregnancy.

However, I understand his need to say that, and it does not detract too much from our excitement and joy from this first appointment.

We leave the doctor's office almost two hours after we arrive, feeling comfortable with our OB, confident that all is going well, and the very first ever photograph of our little womb baby.

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