Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pregnancy Week 5: Anxious and excited!

I cannot believe I still have to wait four more days until I see the doctor! He was on vacation for one week, and I guess it's just not an urgent matter to see a newly impregnated woman. I suppose since there is the greatest chance of miscarriage early on, they give it some time.

I definitely feel different, but I think my mental/emotional state is dictating my physical state at the moment. I don't have morning sickness or mood swings, but I am extremely excited and anxious. Having to wait to see my doctor is making me very antsy. And I still am not telling most people, so I walk around feeling like I have this giant secret inside of me (I guess I do!). That alone gives me butterflies in my stomach, not to mention the actual prospect of having a baby! And while I am not consciously thinking I will have a miscarriage, my brain knows it is possible, so maybe my body is in a heightened state because of that underlying fear.

All this excitement and anxiety make it hard for me to eat. My appetite is almost completely gone and I've already lost weight (why couldn't this have happened 6 months ago?). The positive outcome to this is that the food I do eat is all very healthy. I am not having any sugar (and I typically do like my desserts!) and I'm loving spinach right now. I never bought raw spinach to cook before, but I'm mixing it up with garlic and olive oil and it's soooo yummy! I hope I can keep this up.

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